Well hello there.

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the 134 blog, so here are some of the things that have been going on here. 


I am not an image of lights, I am the light.

Thrashley has been busy stenciling, stamping, painting and generally going all out in preparation for our nationwide art tour that is coming up in just about 2 weeks. WOW. I suppose I could say the same though. I have been spending every free moment finishing the Start Fires LP in the basement with Alex. I came upstairs the other night and found the first floor thick in the midst of the Caustic Process. This is a map of her action, drawn to look like a mess of creation. If you look carefully you can follow the path that Thrashley takes through the drying shirts, aerosol layers, brushwork, and inspiration.

13 days and counting…

Things here at yar house are changing. I look forward, warily, to the new year here. 2000fine, 2000crime, 2000grime, 2000mine. Here are some shots taken over the last couple of weeks here at yar house and around town. We will miss caustic and dmlh, there presence will be missed. I hope their shoes are not too big to fill. We are already missing VaJayJay, and were delighted to meet up with him on the street today. Here’s to a new year, and some new images.

Yes thats right, these were all done with fabric paint.

I guess we really are all learning here.

dsc002221goldmanmodelcryingmanfullI’m really going to miss this house.

here are some videos from last night’s potluck at the cantino’s…i guess this is what our friends do while digesting their dinners…


awesome you guys.



Okay, everyone who was around in South East Portland probably heard that there was a PARTY AT MY HOUSE, and Start Fires rocked an unforgettable set. YES, the beams that make up the basement ceiling were bouncing with the crowd and YES we turned it out. Our very close friend and Nine37 Collective member Joe Shafer was in town from the Bay Area and just happened to bring along a bad ass HD video camera.  So,  here, compressed way down for youtube enjoyment, is the first in the series of posts to document New Years Eve Two-Thousand GREAT into Two-Thousand FINE at ONE34!

i just wanted to post a picture of my newest painting, we’ll call it practice for now, but it’s a good representation of where i will be trying to take my work within the next few months. this term at school i get to explore making, meaning, materials and methods full on without being distracted by having to paint stupid apples. i did this painting furiously after meeting with my teachers today and am excited to finally start seriously experimenting with various mediums. art school is such a joke, i get to spend 40+ hours a week fucking shit up. and my painting teacher seems a little weird to say the least.




Thrashley has been working with a whole new group of politically charged imagery. This image is an Iraqi civilian witness to his family’s death in the wake of liberation.

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